Hershey PA Photos

We arrived at Hershey PA and stayed at Hershey Park during the RV Convention.   We parked in the giant parking lot with many other RV's.  Since we arrived a day before the Convention started, we could buy a 5 day pass for the price of a two day admission.  Therefore, every day we walked around the convention and looked at 100's of RV's.  Gary loved it.  They had golf carts that would drive us around when Gary got tired. It worked out perfectly.

These are our neighbors in the parking lot.

 The view out the back of our camper on one side.

The view out the back of the camper on the other side.

At the entrance to the RV convention, there are RV parked everywhere!

 This guy showed up one morning on the tire of the truck.  I had never seen a real praying mantis before.  He was rather large and quite creepy.  I am just glad he did not fly or jump on me, I would have had a heart attack. 

 The next 13 pictures I took one morning on my walk, early before any of the people started to arrive at the convention.

 All these spots will be filled by noon.


 I am in the camper and Gary is out tinkering with something in the back of the pick up truck . . .
 Hershey Park Amusement at night. The roller coasters here are amazing and there are like 10 of them.  They have one huge wooded railed one...yikes!

This is the convention center at night. Those are just like 1/10 of the campers parked outside.  It was so huge!

Chocolate World

This is like a blackmail pic for sure
Dressed to make chocolate bars. We have to be sanitary....

 Chocolate filling up syrup bottles . . .

 Of course we had to visit the candy store as well...
The convention is over and this is the day we were leaving.  We are one of the last campers left in the parking lot . . .

We are now hooking up to the truck, our next stop is Cary, North Carolina, to visit my brother Fred, his wife Valerie and their daughter Annelies.  And Mom is flying out to vacation with us all on the beach at Surf City, NC also known as Topsail Island.  We're off . . .