Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16, 2011 Sunday

Well, we have been on the road a while now, making our way to Tampa Florida.  We will then park the truck and camper at my cousin Mark and Ruth's house in Summerfield, FL.  

As I promised all my family, I would blog our adventure.  It has taken me this long to get things up and running.  At the top of the screen, I have started to post all our pictures on separate pages.  The links are listed there.  Once I get caught up to our current destination, I will then start posting daily.  

Gary is feeling very tired lately.  We were contacted by MGH (Mass general hospital) as his labs were showing low blood counts.  So they were worried about him getting sick as his white blood cells are very low.  They cautioned him to wash his hands a lot and stay out of large crowds. They added another injection to his already extensive medication list . . . and hopefully by Tuesday, he will start to feel better.  He does not want to head back north yet, he wants to forge forward or south as it goes.  So that is what we shall do.  

We are here at Wishing Well Campground in Sunset Beach now going on day 15.  We had only planned to stay 3 days at first, then we just fell in love with this site, have great neighbors and since Gary is feeling so weak, we felt it best to just hang here for the time being.  We will be leaving on Friday and work our way to Tampa to stay a week there near Gary's best friend Tom.  Then we will go visit my cousin Mark for a few days, then fly out of Tampa back to Vermont.  Gary has many doctor appointments to attend while we are in Vermont.  After the holidays, we will head back to Tampa to work our way West towards Arizona to see Elaina and Mark, plus many places along the way  . . .  I wish we could drive our RV to Germany to see Kelly, Joe and Lexi.  xxooxx

So now I will get back to updating the photos with our stay in Surf City, Topsail Island, NC.

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