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October 18, 2011 Tuesday

These little lizards are everywhere around our the campground.  They freak me out, but I guess they are harmless....                    

Tuesday, Oct. 18

Today we had a visit from a friend!!!!  Here we are out in the middle of no where and I find out last night that our good friends Tommy and Erica along with their beautiful 3 year old daughter Alexandria are vacationing in Myrtle Beach, just like 15 minutes from us!  We were not supposed to see them until we reached Tampa (or Tamper and Tommy calls it).....  What a fabulous surprise to have them stop by and visit.  It was our first time meeting Erica and Alexandria and we just love them too.  We visited at the campground for a couple hours.  They are staying in the area until Thursday or Friday, so we hope to have another visit with them tomorrow.  It was SO nice to see them and give them hugs.  It is kinda weird only being able to hug each other.  I did not realize how many hugs I was getting and giving to and from loved ones in Morrisville until I was not getting or giving them any more.  Hugs are SO good for the soul!!!  Everyone needs to hug, hug, hug......  lol     

The other really good thing is that I think Gary is starting to feel better.  I was really quite worried about his health, as he was starting to become so weak.  The extra medicine is helping his body produce more red blood cells.  This will make him feel more energy, and I think it is working.  Tonight was his second extra shot in a week.  So by Friday, we should know for sure.  

We went to the laundry mat on Sunday in Little River, SC.  We paid $3.49 for mid-grade gas too.  Unfortunately we found it yesterday for $3.29 a gallon for mid-grade.  We will fill up again on Friday.  Back to the laundry mat, while we were there waiting for our clothes to dry, a woman walked over to these machines they have in the corner, took off her shoes and stepped up onto a scale. For .25 you could get weighed, interesting. . .   well our scale at home (in the camper) needs new batteries and I was going to pick some up, but they were the little round flat batteries and I need 4 and they were like $5 for two, so I put those and I decided to pay .50 and each of us would get weighed.  I had lost 6.5 lbs and Gary has lost 9 pounds!  I was very pleased!  I don't think we will have to go back to that laundry mat again before we leave, so we will have to keep our eyes peeled for another one of those somewhere else . . 

Yesterday we went into Myrtle Beach to do some banking and then decided we wanted a pizza. So we stopped at the Dog House Pizza shop and got a pretty good pizza. While we were sitting outside on the porch, waiting for the pizza to cook, Elaina called and we chatted for a bit, then Gary came out with the pizza and I said good bye to Elaina, but before we hung up, I noticed across the road, there was a gondola going up and over the waterway.  After further investigation, we realized that the gondola went over the waterway to a golf course.  The gondola was the only way to get across to the course . . . I took pictures. 

I thought it was kinda interesting.  I said good-bye again to Elaina, and Gary and I enjoyed our pizza on the deck.  It was a pretty evening.  The sunset was nice.  Oh and Elaina is doing just great! She just finished Chemistry class and starts a new class, psychiatry, on Monday.  She is going to go to campus tomorrow, buy her book and find her classroom so she will be prepared for Monday.  I don't know where she learned to be so prepared, but she has is UNDER CONTROL! I am so proud of her.  <sigh>

The day before was just a beautiful day and I took a walk around the campground, while Gary rested.  I took some more pictures of the campground to share.  It really is a wonderful spot.  A place we definitely will revisit often when we are in the area.  

This little bird sings a beautiful song.  I don't know what kind of bird it is, but they are melodious.

  This is the same tree

and here is that little lizard again, or another one....
The last few pictures I want to post are from Sunday, after we went to the laundry mat, we went to Arby's for a sandwich to share.  We ended up each getting our own, but then we had leftovers to bring home. . . .lol  While we were there, I took some pictures of Gary.  They are pretty funny . . . he posed for most of them.  lol

Yes, that is SONIC.  But we did not go . . .   But I am working on that trip for tomorrow maybe . . . lol

Mayday Golf - mini golf.

So that is it for today and the past few days.  

Tomorrow we will be visiting again with Tommy and his family, YEAH!  Our love to you all!!  Gary and Allison

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